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ElectricBear Studios is delighted to announce a new collaboration with Craft ShowCase! Welcome to Chris and Dave Gresh, our newest sponsors!

Together, Chris and Dave created this online craft show to connect shoppers with crafters 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This is the ultimate “win-win” solution for crafters and their customers. No more going to a craft show event, where there is limited parking, travel expenses and weather that’s usually too hot, too cold or too wet, which can take the joy out of your shopping experience.

Thanks Chris and Dave for your support and we are sure our viewers will be checking out this site!!


ElectricBear Studios goes full swing into the New Year with brand new productions, new product placement opportunities, new advertising opportunities as we head into new networks including Dream TV, Netflix, Hulu, IPTV and work with cell phone content distributors worldwide.

Let me know if you would like to be part of these exciting productions!!

Barbara Siragusa
VP ElectricBear Studios, LLC
Email –

ElectricBear Studios, LLC is happy to announce that they have signed contracts with ZGroup Mobile. Through this collaboration, “Faces of Italy”, “Krysta’s Kingdom” and “Crazy on the Couch” will stream through IPTV and mobile phones to MENA area, Africa, Russia, Asia, USA, LATAM area and some of EU markets.
The shows have also been picked up by Dream TV.

We also appear on Windows Media as well.

ElectricBear Studios, LLC
Faces of Italy
Heavenly Treat….Death by Chocolate
ElectricBear Studios is offering billboard ads that will air along with “Heavenly Treat” which rotates between Narnia and Santa Claus on Windows Media Guide starting at $250 for a limited time only. NO CONTRACT to lock you in for months. NO OBLIGATIONS for future advertising. NO HIDDEN CHARGES.
Don’t miss out on the chance to have your business promoted in front of over 250 million viewers!!
Go to the Windows Media link above, click on Heavenly Treat. Your billboard will be added to that 5 minute segment for tremendous promotions!
You cannot get any advertising like this for the price we are charging so act quickly as limited space is available.
For details contact Eileen at


Barbara Siragusa, Vice President of ElectricBear Studios, was delighted to receive lasanga pans, which will be used on the set of Faces of Italy, beginning of this new exciting partnership with Baker’s Edge. You can see their products in an upcoming episode of Faces of Italy.

About Baker’s Edge

Together this husband and wife team built their company Baker’s Edge from the ground up. “It all started with a brownie.” says Matthew Griffin, President and CEO of Baker’s Edge. The revolutionary Baker’s Edge brownie and lasagna pan creator. Matthew developed the first prototype of the Edge Brownie Pan in the late 1990’s. Collaborating with his wife Emily, Chef and Vice President, he subsequently refined the pan, obtained a patent, and then decided to bring the product to market. Emily is
an award-winning Chef and recipe guru, she devotes most of her time to product testing, taste testing, and the development of new recipes for the Baker’s Edge product line. “I’ve always had an interest in cooking and baking. I remember as a little girl watching my grandma bake homemade bread and angel food cakes, and being amazed that she never used a recipe, yet it always tasted wonderful.” says Emily. Check out the rest of their story and products at their website


For all ElectricBear’s travel needs, a new partnership has formed between the production company and Carol King of Travel Ideas Plus!

Carol has said she is very excited to be working alongside, where she not only books trips and vacations but works with the motto “Don’t dream away your life, live your dream”.  Check out her websites at and

Carol King's travel

Also for people who desire a home based business Carol works with Zamzuu.

ElectricBear Studios is excited to announce a new sponsor for our international TV series Faces of Italy!

Lodge Cast Iron, America’s Original Cookware.

Be sure to watch out for some of their amazing items in upcoming episodes of “Faces of Italy”
To get your very own cast iron cookware, go to their website at
Pictures coming soon!

New recipes will be going up there very soon, so hurry and get these while they are still there!

Visit Faces of Italy to get your free recipes!

Featured Recipe

Death by Chocolate